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Aesthetic-Functional Dentistry.
Digital Technologies.
Specialists and Experts. For Your Smile


The aesthetic dentistry center provides world-class services capitalizing on the experience gained from all around the world  (via AACD – American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; Kois center, USA; Spear center, USA; European education centers, scientific conferences).

VivaDens is keeping up with the most modern, ecological, safest technologies, including: 2D and 3D X-ray diagnostics - cone beam computed tomography (CBCT); for dental aesthetic-functional restorations/reconstructions - leading CAD/CAM technologies in the world - 3Shape, CEREC; for planning and manufacturing of implant (surgical) guides - GALILEOS Implant software and Sirona equipment; for occlusal analysis and calibration - digital system T-Scan; pain-free computer-assisted anesthesia system Wand STA®; for highest quality endodontic (root canal) treatment – microscope Carl Zeiss; soft tissue and dental whitening lasers - Ezlase™ ir Epic™; caries risk tests - CRT, CRT buffer test; for faster wound healing – platelet rich fibrin, etc.

Specialists of different areas work here. VivaDens cooperates with the Lithuanian and Western dentistry scientists and practice specialists. Thus, teeth and oral cavity of clients who come to VivaDens are treated in their entirety up to the highest quality: starting from individual risks assessment, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening if needed, straightening teeth using braces and clear aligners, treating teeth root canals, gingiva, placing implants, making veneers and dental ceramic restorations, harmonizing direct and indirect restorations with natural teeth, etc. Only high-quality, holistic and complete treatment enables us to rejoice together at teeth functionality and aesthetics as well as at a long-term result.


Quantum leap. Digital smile design and reconstruction with CAD/CAM - CEREC and 3Shape.

A charming smile in one visit with integrated digital technologies.


About Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Scientific study performed in USA proved that with a beautiful smile an individual becomes not only more attractive, but looks healthier, more intelligent, interesting and successful.

99.7 % of respondents of this survey stated that a beautiful smile is an important social asset, 96 % - that beautiful makes a person more appealing to people of the opposite sex, 74 % - that unattractive smile reduces chances for career success. Answers of respondents to the question "What is the first thing you notice in person’s smile?" are given below: • Straightness of teeth   •  Shade, color   • Cleanliness of teeth   • Sincerity of the smile   • Any missing tooth   • "Sparkle" of the smile.

Answering the question "What types of things do you consider make a smile unattractive?" they noted: • Yellow, discolored, stained teeth   • Missing tooth   • Crooked tooth   • Decaying teeth, cavities   • Gaps and spaces in teeth   • Dirty teeth.

Finally, the most common answer to the question "What would you like to improve about your smile?" was: • I would like whiter and brighter teeth.


Latest digital technologies - for customer convenience and quality of work. Preserving tissues, controlled, extremely precise, responsibly planned, faster dental restorative methods create more durable, more accurate, more functional, more aesthetic and often more cost-effective dental restorations, and also greatly facilitate the work of dentists as they make it more precise, comfortable, faster and less stressful.



Photos of the teeth, face and smile of the customers best reflect the dentist's capabilities and work. They greatly facilitate the communication between the client and the doctor, as well as among the specialists themselves. One can easily see the work result from photos before and after work. Dr. Indrida Ivance, the first in Lithuania, began to apply dental photography with the direct aesthetic restorations in 2000, later harmonized photography with AACD protocols, and now it is becoming the standard of aesthetic dentistry. Enjoy aesthetic dentistry and photography at VivaDens.


High-quality aesthetic dentistry, short term orthodontics, direct and indirect aesthetic restorations, teeth whitening, implantation, modern CAD/CAM technologies - CEREC, 3Shape and others.